Skip the Courthouse Wedding

How to Elope in Style with our Shotgun Ceremony

Thinking about a courthouse wedding in Ohio? Eloping doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the beauty and significance of your wedding day. With Urban501’s exclusive Shotgun Ceremony package, we invite you to bypass the courthouse and celebrate your love in an environment that’s as unique and special as your relationship. Here’s how you can elope in style, surrounded by up to 20 of your closest friends and family, in one of Central Ohio’s most charming venues.

In recent years, many couples have discovered the beauty of simplifying their nuptials. Choosing to elope or have a microwedding is not just about cutting costs; it’s about creating a more personal and meaningful experience. Urban501’s Shotgun Ceremony taps into this trend, offering an intimate setting that reflects the depth and intimacy of your relationship.

It couldn’t get any easier

What the Shotgun Ceremony Offers

For just $475, The Shotgun Ceremony includes everything you need for your special day:

  • An officiant to ensure your ceremony is legal and reflective of your values and personalities.
  • Up to 20 guests – intimate, but big enough for your closest friends and family.
  • A choice of indoor or outdoor vows, allowing you to decide the backdrop of your most memorable moment—whether it’s the rustic charm of exposed brick or the serene beauty of a garden setting.
  • An hour of venue access, giving you enough time to say “I do” and capture those first moments as a married couple, without feeling rushed.
  • A witness, if needed, because we’re committed to making your day as hassle-free as possible.

This package is designed for couples looking for a laid-back yet stylish way to tie the knot, perfect for vow renewals, elopements, or anyone seeking a budget-friendly option without sacrificing ambiance and quality.

Why Choose Urban501?

Located in the heart of Central Ohio, Urban501 combines the ease of a courthouse wedding with the elegance of a traditional ceremony. Our venue is perfect for couples who want a memorable wedding without the extensive planning or expense traditionally associated with tying the knot. Plus, with our Monday to Thursday booking options, you can make your wedding day happen on your own terms, without the long wait times often associated with popular venues.

Make It Official with Style

The Shotgun Ceremony is more than just an elopement package; it’s a statement that love doesn’t need to be extravagant to be beautiful. It’s the perfect solution for couples who want to focus on what truly matters—their love for each other—without the distractions of a large wedding.

Ready to Say “I Do”?

Eloping at Urban501 is about giving your love story the intimate, stylish celebration it deserves. If you’re ready to skip the courthouse and make your wedding day uniquely yours, shoot us a message or give us a call. Let’s make it official, in style!

Your wedding day is a reflection of your journey together, and with Urban501’s Shotgun Ceremony, you can start your next chapter in a way that’s as beautiful and unique as your love story.