Case Study: The Warricks


The essence of this wedding exudes “Chic Urban Romance,” intertwined with a vibrant, modern elegance. This ambiance reflects a blend of sophistication and warmth, where industrial meets intimate in a celebration that’s both stylish and spirited. The presence of beloved pets and joyful group shots suggest a day filled with genuine emotion and inclusive festivities. The nuanced blend of classic wedding elements with contemporary, laid-back flair speaks to a couple who honors tradition while making it their own. Every detail, from the decor to the exuberant embraces and spontaneous laughter, paints a picture of a love that’s both timeless and refreshingly original, celebrating in a space that’s as unique as the couple’s own story.

The Warricks
Jayden & Blake
The Hometown
Westerville, OH
The Date
The Photog
Erin Griffith Photography
The Film
Cole Ruoff
The Caterer
Legacy Smokehouse
Peggy Jude
Greg Short


The Love Story: Blake and Jayden fell in love slowly at first. They both went to Ohio University where they met at work. They started to talk a lot and request shifts together, eventually they became best friends. Everyone else they worked with tried to tell them they would make a great couple but they always laughed until they went on their first date 03/14/18. From then on there has never been a dull moment. They love to travel and even spent 5 weeks backpacking through Southeast Asia together.

The Engagement Story: With the craziness of 2020 they wanted to take a staycation, so Blake booked a stay at BrewDog Hotel! After booking, Blake wanted to take full advantage of this time and very quickly knew this was the time to pop the question. He quickly made both families aware of his plans and of course had to had ask the question to Jayden’s parents (they were immediately on board). Everyone got to planning to make sure Blake could pull off the ultimate surprise! Once checked in, with drinks in hand of course, they walked to the room. Once the door opened he eagerly got down on one knee and asked Jayden to marry him. Without hesitation she says “are you fucking serious?” and then of course said yes! The surprises for Jayden weren’t quite done however. Blake had arranged to have family and friends waiting at a restaurant to celebrate the beginning of their life together!




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